How to trade your watch

To Trade your watch it's simple. You only need one minute following or 5 Easy Steps!

STEP 1: Browse our inventory and select the watch that you want to get in the trade. If you need assistance, speak with one of our watches experts and discuss with them the trade you would like to make. 
STEP 2: Tell us about your watch with our simple form. The more information and photos you share with us, the more accurate the market evaluation will be. 
STEP 3: If you like the quote you'll receive a pre-paid shipping label that includes insurance. Send us you watch for a full watch inspection. 
STEP 4: Once we've received your watch our qualified team will inspect its condition and authenticity. 
STEP 5: Once finalized you will quickly receive your new watch. 

So Easy! Our goal is to make this whole process as pain free as possible. For more information about how to buy, sell or trade with give us a call.
Trade Your Watch for Ours


Collecting watches is a journey, and trades are milestones on the road. Goals change, experience grows, and new flames emerge to capture the imagination. Continue the adventure with a new companion, and trade your timepiece with Time Passion.